Celebrity Cruises Wi-Fi

Celebrity Cruises Wi-Fi allows you to surf the web or stream content. Learn more about the Celebrity Cruises Internet Packages to stay connected at sea.

How to connect to Celebrity Cruises Wi-Fi?

  1. Turn on Airplane Mode and connect to the “celebrity-wifi” Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open a browser and type logon.com in the address bar.
  3. Select a package, and you will be connected to the Celebrity Cruises Wi-Fi..

Note: Stop your Captain’s Club Elite / Elite Plus minutes by visiting logout.com on your Internet browser.

Sign in to Celebrity Cruises website to view pricing and purchase Internet Packages.

Wi-Fi Packages

Book pre-cuise to save up to 10% vs the onboard price.

Premium Wi-Fi

Price: $35 USD per device per day.

  • Web Browsing, Texting / Messaging, Access Emails, Share Photos and Videos, Send/Receive File & Attachments, Post Photos and Videos, Stream Videos, and Video Chat.

Basic Wi-Fi

Price: $20 USD per device per day.

  • Web Browsing, Texting / Messaging, and Access Emails.

Celebrity Infinity will be sailing with with Starlink internet service in January 2024.

Basic and Premium Wi-Fi Packages are not offered on ships sailing from the Galapagos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Celebrity Cruises Have Wi-Fi Available Onboard?

The entire Celebrity Cruises® fleet, except for our Galapagos-based ships, offers free basic Wi-Fi and paid premium Wi-Fi services.

Select the Basic Wi-Fi or Premium Wi-Fi packages based on your requirements.

I Have a Basic Wi-Fi Included Plan; Can I Upgrade to a Premium Wi-Fi Plan?

Yes, you can do this pre-cruise for $13 per day by contacting the Celebrity Cruises Contact Centre, or you can do it on the ship at the iLounge for $15 per day.

Can I Get a Discount While Buying a Package?

The Wi-Fi packages are made precisely for the number of devices and connection speed travellers need. Users can save up to 10% by booking their package pre-cruise.

I Need to Send Large Files through Mail. Which Package Should I Purchase?

Buying the Premium Wi-Fi to send emails with larger files attached would be best. Because this package allows sharing large files via emails.

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